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I love all your hairstyles, Ne! No negative energy from me. I loved how you always changed up your look. So stylish :). My heart goes out to that poor girl. Kids can be so mean. A lot of times it's cause they are insecure about their own looks. Not sure of my problem to solve. Good question! I'll have to think about it. Love you!

SBG (skinnybrowngirl)

Hey Alis,
Absolutely no negative energy from you!...and I'm in total agreeance that many times people make fun of others because of their own secret internal self esteem issues... It is sad though, and something that needs to be looked at and delt with. In the mean time, keep thinking about your 'problem' and let me know what you come up with. love you, Joe, and Baby Char!:)

Kevin Brown

Love your blog...inspired and motivated to do something with the inspiration!! Thank you.

SBG (skinnybrowngirl)

Thank you Pastor Kev... YOU have inspired ME! ...and many more! Thank you again. :)


Very inspirational message...especially the quotes from your pastor. I want to tape it to everything I own as a contanst reminder of Purpose!!
PS/I'm really enjoying your blog. You are an amazing writer! Wishing you much continued success!!

SBG (skinnybrowngirl)

Thank you so much for the support! Im genuinly so excited that you're reading and sharing the process of growth! Excited for what is to come in. :)

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