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rashidah ferguson

Hi, I found your adorable blog on twitter. I really like it. I def think you should avoid leather in the summer no matter how light it is. Forget what the glossy fashion mags are saying.... the leather season would be here soon enough. In the meantime, opp for a boyfriend blazer or a perfect wrap that compliments that tight black dress.

SBG (skinnybrowngirl)

Hi Rashidah! Thanks for checking out my blog, I appreciate the love :) ...and you're correct...If I do opt to stay away from leather, a boyfriend blazer is an awesome option. I completely forgot, even though I have a few, and really love the look. Plz keep in touch!

replica designer handbags

I just ordered this light weight leather jacket from my homies at BCBGMAXAZRIA.... I thought it would be the perfect accessory to throw over any little tight dress for a night out on the Philly town, lol...but now I'm having cold feet...second thoughts if you will.

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Michel Herbelin

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